Fashion Afternoons

When I got back from the Ella's Uncle this morning, I thought I would take a picture of what I was wearing. The first reason was because I thought I looked nice and the second was because it involved a handknit, and it's always nice to see those in the wild after they've been knit. Not to mention that I've also been reading a lot of fashion blogs recently, thanks to my mom and it's just fun to talk about what you wear everyday! So I enlisted my mom again, who is starting to be my personal photographer. I'm going to have to figure out that whole self timer thing for when she's not around....

The sweater is of course Tempest, from knitty.com. I knit it pretty much exactly a year ago. It's perfect for this time of year, light yet warm and so easy to throw in a bag just in case it gets chilly.

The dress is Garnet Hill, snagged from ebay by my mom a couple years ago. The shoes I got in Paris when in 2005. I only have a few more days to wear them before Labour Day! Also, we shall not discuss how white my legs are. This is what happens when I work in the concret box that is known as the pool. No I am not wearing stockings. The bangles are Banana Republic on sale when we were in New York in the spring.

What's so funny?!
I don't know, but there's a lot of DIY going on chez Tea, while we were taking these pictures my dad was finishing up painting the porch/windows job that my parents started a few weeks ago. Didn't they do a stellar job? It's so good someone in the neighbourhood asked my mom if she would consider doing her porch too! I think mum said no....

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Anonymous said...

Natalie, do those shorts make my butt look too big? Or is it just the picture being taken from down low and behind????