Ella's Uncle

Keeping in the theme of yesterday's post, I did indeed go to another coffee shop today. This time I felt like trying out something new, small and independent. I took Suzie (my bike) out and biked along Dundas to see what there was. I knew I had seen some the last time I was along there, so I I took a chance.
The first one I came across was Ella's uncle. They had a sign that said "Don't let the cold and construction harsh your mellow", which amused me greatly, so I popped in.

It's not very big, yet manages to seem very open and welcoming. There aren't any tables, just two bar stool height counters. I sat in the window with my coffee (3.75 for a latte), my report cards and my knitting. It's a great spot to watch everyone go by, and the staff seem really friendly. There was a constant stream of people coming in, and a lot of them seemed to be regulars. I heard one guy order 'the ush' (as in usual, though I have no idea how to spell that, phonetics can be annoying). I love places that are really connected to their location and the people that live near them.

I've almost finished with the calf decreases on my second Lakeside Stocking, which is exciting. At this rate I'll have new socks to wear to school in the fall!

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Carmen said...

Ella's Uncle is fantastic! I just went there for the first time and had their sun tea and a toffee cookie. 'Twas divine!

P.S. I'm still working away at my scarf -- it's got about 4 holes in it and the edges look awful, but I'm still plugging away at it!