This is a Peaceful Protest

One of the classes I'm taking, Creative and Critical Fictions, deals with the issues of war, and books as an art medium. For our final project, we had to create a book around a war that was currently being fought. I chose the conflict in Lebanon that has been extended from over the summer. I made a bag, (a book bag, get it?!) that holds all the things I would find useful in a sit-in protest.

The first pocket is the flag of Lebanon, with the word Independence.

Olive branches and Freedom. I think that I will make a bag of this image, maybe to sell. What do you think?

Map of Lebanon and National Unity and Soveriegnty.

Rafik Hariri was assassinated on Valentine's Day in 2005. Much of the protests are a call for authorities to find out who killed him, so it goes with Truth.

All the pockets are bound together like pages.

The first pocket is just two pieces sewed together, the second are and inch wide, and the third is three inches.

I am especially proud of how I got the strap on, D rings and everything!

All the words were hand embroidered, but the images were done on my machine. It was a pain in the butt to sew all the pages together, there was so much fabric everywhere. The project was due last Tuesday, but it only got handed in yesterday because my sewing machine has completely crapped out on me. The thing that holds the bobbin in keeps trying to fly out, and won't stay put. So I no longer have a working machine. Luckily I could use my mom's when I went home for Easter, so all is well in the end.

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