Rays of sunshine in my yarn

On Tuesday I took my bike out for the first ride of the year. It needs a tune up since it spent the winter locked (and stuck, the lock was jammed until recently) to the side of the house. I love riding my bike around the city, it's really the fastest way to get around. I handed out a few resumes, and then headed out for some real fun.

My first stop was Lettuce Knit, where I picked up a few goodies. Not to mention the highlight of seeing the cat completely asleep in a basket of yarn. The picture is sideways, but you get the idea. Speaking of, does anyone know how to rotate pictures in Blogger?My goal at Lettuce Knit was to pick up some fun summer sock yarn. All the stuff I have now is boring, greys and black and such. I picked up my first ever Koigu, which I think will become Roza's from this issue of Interweave. You can also see in the background that I got a copy of the winter issue of Interweave. Everyone kept laughing because the cover says "Warm up for Winter", and we were having one of the nicest weekends so far. I am very excited to knit with this. I would have cast on, but I moved half of my things home on Monday, which included most of my knitting things. I didn't think to grab the magazine before I returned to res.
Second up was a skein of Jitterbug in allzarine. I was going to start knitting these up, but a few stitches in I realized that they will need a larger gauge than my 2.5mm's, so they will have to wait as well. I'm still not sure what exactly I will do with them, maybe some modified Jaywalkers?
In the meantime I cast on a pair of boring grey socks, that have alread been frogged once. I knit half of the foot in a toe up during my exchange meeting today, but I didn't like it at all. It's too bad that the yarn matched the meeting and the weather today, boring and grey.

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