Grandparent socks, beers and a sleeve

I finally have FO's to show off! These would have been shown earlier, but my camera has been where the cable is not for the past week, so I was not able to. These are the socks I knit for my grandparents, finally finished. The solid grey are for my grandmother, Hedra from Knitty. I don't think I did too many mods, I think I did 12 repeats on the ankle instead of 14. The yarn was Fortissima Socka I believe, which is so soft and cushy. The stripey socks are just a regular old sock, nothing fancy. The only thing is that they are freaking huge, 76 sts. The wierd thing with the yarn is that it didn't stripe evenly, they ended up more like zebra stripes than anything. The yarn might be Regia, but in reality, I can't remember. I do know it was an extra large skein, and I knit both socks from it.

On Friday night I met up with some old friends, and celebrated a first legal drink in Toronto. Matthias and Olivia are siblings, the two blondies, and Pietro is their friend from Italy who has been staying with them since September. We went to the Tap on Bloor , which was muchly fun. Liv was home for the weekend, and hadn't seen her brother since Christmas, in which time she had celebrated a birthday. Moral of the story, we all got shmammered. My knitting for the past week has still been Thermal, and it is trucking along slowly, but steadily. This is about half of the first sleeve. The body has been separated for the sleeves, and now makes a crap travelling project, so it's all sleeve all the time right now. I really want to wear this sweater! Oh well, it'll get there eventually.

In the mean time, I must finish up a project that needs to be handed in this afternoon. It deserves a post of it's own, so you will hear all about it tomorrow.

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