The Knitter's Bane

gryffindor scarf, originally uploaded by leeleetea.

Some people have lace, some have sweaters. I had the Gryffindor Scarf. It was my little hell, waiting for me, visiting upon my guilty conscience. It was a commission for a friend as a gift for his girlfriend. The yarn was scratchy and horrible, and I wasn't even really good friends with the guy anymore. It was supposed to be finished months ago, but honestly, I couldn't care enough to put enough effort into it. It festered in my closet over the summer, when both of them were miles away, too far for either to get it. When they broke up over the summer, I rejoiced, thinking that the scarf was now unwanted, and could now go permanently unfinished. Alas, the guy was a dink, and decided that the scarf could now go to the new girlfriend. C'mon, who doesn't love Harry Potter? So the scarf still sat, worked on occassionaly as TV knitting, gradually growing. I got a call this week asking for it, finished or not. Thank god, I thought. Finally it will be gone. Luckily for him, I actually got it to the point where it's passable as a scarf, if it weren't for the fact that it will make you go crazy with itchyness, but hey, that's what happens when he choose the yarn himself. I gave it to him today, most of the ends unwoven, but I did tell him how to do it himself, and that's not a hard job. Sigh. It's finally done. Gone. Out. Finished. A weight of my back.

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