This sucks

Dear weather,
I know that I live in Canada, and that I should be happy that I'm not knee deep in a blizzard, but this is ridiculous. I love the snow, and I love that when I woke up this morning, there was a good 4-5 inches of some of the best snow this city has seen in a long time. It was good solid packing snow, wet, but not heavy. It wasn't too cold. I do believe that I even remarked that it would be pretty amazing skiing conditions. But then you changed your mind. You decided that what we needed was a good solid cold shower, that lasted all day. All this succeeded in turning all that glorious fluffy stuff into a blanket of slush. Slush that appeared solid, but upon any kind of pressure, would simply give way and reveal itself as simply water pretending to be snow. There was so much of this, that my boots soaked through, since the leather just kept taking on water once it started.

This idea to inundate us with water has two outcomes for tomorrow. The first is that everything will be a solid sheet of ice, which will be a nightmare for both pedestrians and cars. The second is that it will remain in it's slushy state. In event of the first outcome, I will prepare myself by walking very slowly and dressing warmly. For the second, it's going to be all about the rubber boots and handknit socks baby.

I see your tricky ways weather, don't think I'm not prepared.
love, me.

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