Mermaid Tears

Mermaid Tears, originally uploaded by leeleetea.

Yesterday was all study time chez Tricotastique. Or rather it was mostly study time, as I took lots of breaks to do other things as well. One of those breaks involved fondling some new stash that arrived in the mail! I present one marvelous skein of Schaefer Anne from the Loopy Ewe. Since Anne colourways are mostly one offs, Schaefer doesn't name them, not even a number. However, The Loopy Ewe gives them their own names, and this one is called Mermaid Tears. Isn't it gorgeous? It's all sorts of blues and greens, just like the ocean.

I also got an etsy package in the mail as well, from imogen. In it were two small pendants. The goldfish one is for me, to help along the goldfish obsession I'm going through right now. The second one is a little owl, which will got to a friend for the holidays. You can see a picture here. I would post one, but I'm not sure how to blog from two pictures from flickr. Anyone know if it's possible?

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