New Scarf!

magenta scarf, originally uploaded by leeleetea.

I started this scarf way-o back in January (as in last winter) But got sidetracked an made a matching hat and mittens without actually finishing the scarf. However, it's been getting chilly here in Toronto, and my little Swallowtail just isn't battling the elements quite the way I would like it too. So I finally buckled down and finished the thing. Due to the enormous gauge, and the fact that it's just a basic 2x2 rib, I finished it in one day. Which means that this scarf could have taken me two days to knit, if I hadn't been so ADD about my knitting. Instead, it took 10 months!

The sort of unfortunate part about this scarf is that the 15% mohair is a little bit scratchier than I would like. The whole kit and kaboodle may end up being donated to someone who will really use it, but we'll see. I do still need a scarf.

This is the beginning of me trying to finish up my projects. I have a fair amount of gift knitting, not to mention that I really want as little on the needles once I leave the country. Lets not talk about how I'm still stash enhancing though.... ignore the STR in the drawer. It is not the STR that you are looking for.

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