So this picture has two stories behind it. The first is the scarf, which I am knitting for my mom. The stitch pattern is one I pulled from Vogue Stitchionary Volume 1, I'll get a close up of it later. I've knit almost all of that ball since this picture was taken. I'm thinking that it's going to take three balls total, which is a problem, since I only have two. The yarn was originally my mom's but she let me use it since I needed something red for this project.

The second story is the reason why I'm dressed up like a punk and taking pictures of me knitting in the Dufferin Mall. I had to do a performance piece for my class, The Body in Performance. My theme was judgments we place on the body based on physical appearance, using knitting to dissuade these preconceptions we have. I'll show some more of them soon!

And the Thermal sweater is all done, only waiting for a photo shoot!

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Not An Artist said...

Aw, you remind me of being 17! I was a wee punk who used to knit on the bus in my hometown, and the little old ladies used to talk to me all the time, despite the leather jacket covered in chains and spikes.

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