A post! A post!

In keeping with my new tradition of one post a month, here I go again!

This time though, I actually have an FO to show off! Behold the Turtle booties. They were knit in Lorna's Laces Envy, from Lettuce Knit. The buttons are little turtles I got at Courage My Love in Kensington Market. I made them for a friend in England, who's wife just had their first baby at the end of September. I think I sent them off about a week and a half ago, so they should be there by now. I knit the newborn size, which would probably be too big except that wee Brynmore was premature, and was 6 pounds last I heard, so this size should do him just fine.

Aren't they cute!? I want to knit lots more of them, but I really don't know anyone else with babies right now. Though I did go to a wedding on the weekend ... we'll see what happens there in the next few months!

The booties were my part of my Socktober thing, the other part was finishing my Thermal sweater. It is knit out of sock yarn after all. I knit the whole last sleeve, finished the body, and am now slowly working my way through the ribbing for the collar. I think I have about 4 rows left, which doesn't sound like a lot, but there are a gazillion stitches in each row, so it takes a while. I think I'm going to try and finish it up during Pushing Daisies tonight, though it's tempting to just sit here and finish it now. Must resist! Homework piling up! Anyway, I really want to have it done for Wednesday so I can show it off. And yes, that's as in tomorrow. I'm pretty confidant that it's possible. After those few rows I just have to sew in the arms and weave in the ends. No biggie. Hopefully. Plus, Amy is going to show off her finished sweater then, so I might as well join the party!

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