Sprial Beach, Pictures and Socks

So way back in March I went to see my friend's band, Spiral Beach, kick off their latest tour of Canada. A month later they rolled right back into town to play their official Toronto gig. They're a bit of psychedelic pop rock, and they rock it hard. It's always been a wicked show. You can dance, you can mosh, and you can take pictures! If you're into them, their last gig is tonight in Kingston, and they'll be playing upstate New York for a bit in May.

The picture of Maddy and Airick is the best one of the bunch, as someone else was taking a picture and their flash went off at the exact time I needed it. Perfect!

Dorian is the one of the four I know best, as he hangs out with Ben and Jonny the most, and even lived in their house for a bit over Christmas. He plays the bass, and is all round nice guy. It's kind of surprising to see how hard he can rock out on stage! Most of my pictures of him are blurry, since he was moving around so fast. It was really good to see everyone after them being away for a month.

One of the bands they had opening for them was amazing too. Unfortunately, while my pictures of Spiral Beach might be mediocre, the Hey Ocean pictures are terrible. So we aren't even going to look at those. However, this should not be taken as an indication of their talent. The female lead singer of the band was this cute, petite blonde with a voice that could knock your socks off. Super sexy soul styles (say that 10 times fast...), and a penchant for wind instruments. She played both the kazoo and the flute and they both worked perfectly into the sound of the song.

One of the reasons I took so many pictures is that I my next painting assignment is to paint two or more figures in motion. My prof suggested sports, but that's boring, so I'm going to do music! I wasn't super happy with the pictures I got from Spiral Beach, so I asked Ben and Jonny to do a photoshoot for me in the recording studio in Ben's parents basement. I was hoping to be in the pictures too, but I quickly realised that nothing was going to come of it if I had to reset the self timer every 20 seconds. So I decided to just be behind the camera instead.

I had the same problem with Ben and Jonny moving around, so there are very few pictures were both are in focus. Another problem I realised I had afterwards is that the lense was focusing on the microphone, instead of on their faces. It's a kind of cool effect in the end, but I do wish a few of them were focused on them instead.

Right now I'm thinking that I'll do this one, but use another picture of Jonny where he isn't moving.

Ben is also recording his first album for his band Flashlight Radio which is the real reason he was there, so I helped push some buttons for him. I felt kind of bad for taking up so much time taking pictures. We recorded some tricky guitar bits and maybe something else, but I can't remember.

I really just had to push a button and then wait for the song to be done, so I got some knitting in too! The Alexis Socks got to push some buttons too... they are so close to being done, it's not even funny. What is funny is that these have only taken a week. That's right, you're looking at the second sock there. I'm babysitting on Wednesday this week, but I might be able to pop by afterwards and see if everyone is still there. If not I'll leave them there for Friday when Alexis works. Aren't they adorable?

Three more weeks of school and then every weekend can be like this weekend!

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