Laminaria in the Sun

I've been trying to finish up some old projects lately, so I put on the fire these past few weeks to finish my Laminaria. I started this way back in May, when I came back to Toronto briefly. I had just finished my Feather and Fan, and was way in love with the Zephyr Wool-Silk, so I picked up two more balls in another colour, Garnet, for this.
I knit the first chart, plus a few repeats of the second before it had to be put away when I went traveling. I knit a surprising amount in class these past few weeks. I really thought that it would be too hard, but I guess I've just perfected the whole notes and knitting thing. It helps that most of my classes don't really require notes, it's really discussion based. About a week ago I decided that I would really like to wear something new for Easter, and this was my best bet. Everyone was kept updated as to how many rows I had left! I had it on the blocking wires by about 1am Saturday night. That cast-off took about two hours, a lot longer than I thought it would. Luckily I knew that the wool-silk has no problems drying quickly. All I had to do in the morning was take out the pins and weave in the ends.

The thing is huge! A metre from the nape to point, and it comfortably fits my armspan. I actually think it's the perfect size, big enough to wrap around me when it gets chilly, but stilly good to drape around as a regular scarf. I wouldn't want it any bigger!

My friend Olivia got someone to take this picture at Alan Gardens. All the flowers are in bloom right now, for the holiday. It was a perfect place to go from church to her house for Easter dinner. We got to take our coats off and be warm for a little bit. Easter was excellent, as I got not one but two dinners, both of which were filled with delicious food and fabulous people. Though both had cats in sad health, which put a bit of a downer on the event.

Here's a better shot of the lace. If you look on Flickr there are a million of these shots in my bathroom, which is the only decent place for light in my apartment. Too bad we can't paint, that colour is just so... beige. Good thing I only have a few months left, then it'll be the light filled room in my parents basement. Joy.

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