I was going to show some pictures of what I'm knitting right now, like my Casbah sweater or some mittens I finished, but it's raining cats and dogs out right now, so all my photos look like butt. So instead you'll get a project I knit a few weeks ago.

This is a Thermis, knit for my dear friend Claire's birthday. I have known her for about 9 years, she was the first friend I made in grade 7, when we switched schools. She is an amazing person, super smart with the most amazing heart. She also introduced me to Doctor Who, which is just awesome. I have taught her to knit, however she is taking baby steps.

I've had my eye on this cowl pattern for quite some time and when we got this Cascade 220 in at the store I decided that the match was perfect. It's Thermis, which you can get off The Rav from KrisKnits. This purple matches her winter coat, and the star buttons are leftover from my Loppem. I got them at Courage My Love, in Kensington. I'll defininetly be making one of these for me soon. So cute and functional!

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SLICE magazine said...

i should take up knitting.