B-sides what?

So what have I been knitting on you may ask! Right now most of my time has been taken up with knitting my mom's B-Side, by Laura Chau. Yes she is my co-worker, sometimes it's good to keep it all in the family. Heck, she designs a pretty sweater too!

This is the first sleeve, though I have since finished the second one. Actually I knit the whole second sleeve today. Mostly thanks to having to commute to school again, plus having a lecture in which we watched a movie and had a huge discussion (I always knit through discussions, it stops me from getting really uppity) and then to complete and utter procrastination. Now I only have to knit the top of the back and right front, plus the button band and collar.

No biggie except that I might be running out of yarn! I have about two and a bit balls left, and what with that big collar, I might be cutting it a bit close! I might be able to get away with knitting a smaller collar. My other plan would be to knit the front, then knit the button bands. That way if I do need to get some more, the dyelot would be able to hide out under the collar. The yarn is Zara, so I'm not worried about getting more, just about the dyelot. I'll have to shimmy over to Romni sometime this week to get more.

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Clumsy Knitter said...

Yikes! I ran into the same problem with my B-Side, and I couldn't even find the same yarn any more. My button bands and collar are in a different weight and dye lot, but you can't even tell. Good luck!