New Knitty!

How about some knitting eh?

I've been all about the small projects lately, mostly mitts. These are simple fingerless mitts I made up using the STR in Algae from the failed Conwy socks. They are short in the wrist, but long in the fingers, which is just how I like them!

I also knit a pair of legwarmers from Jaeger Matchmaker DK. It took three tries to get the number of stitches right. It's not much of a pattern, just a tube with some stripes and ribbing.

I've also finished another pair of fingerless mitts, but they are a super secret belated birthday gift for a friend who may or may not be reading, so the report will have to wait until she gets them. In the mean time, I'm almost done my Berry High Knee Highs.

With projects almost off the needles, it's hard not to think about what to knit next. Knitty to the rescue! As you probably know, the Spring 08 issue went live on Tuesday, and my thoughts have been filled with what to make next. Which is bad, because I should be writing an essay! That said, I will be making the lace ribbon scarf, and salto and an american in china have been added to the queue. However, what I want to make most is laminaria. I'm going to be travelling quite a bit in the next month, so I will keep an eye out for something that would work for it. Someone on Ravelry suggested Malabrigo lace, which would be amazing, but I don't know how available it is on this side of the ocean.

Now back to the essay!

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