In which I am clearly not paying attention

I just started a new pair of socks, Pembrokeshire Pathways by Brenda Dayne this morning. I'm using this lovely pumpkin coloured Nature's Palette that I got around Christmas time. Delicious stuff.

However, as you can see from this picture, I seem to have gotten completely distracted a few minutes ago. The top thread is my working yarn, but the bottom one is where I skipped a needle without knitting it and went straight on to the next needle, thus resulting in a completely useless bit of yarn. Not to mention some tinking back.

Anywho, there seems to be some tinking in my future as I also have to rip out some of a pair of fingerless gloves. Neither seem to be to the patter, nor are they the same as eachother. How I managed this, I don't know.

Blogging over the next month will be spotty at best since I am on my month long Easter break, and will be doing some travelling. I will be starting in earnest next week, and will see how I do in terms of updates. One exciting thing is that there will be train travel, which therefore means lots of knitting time. Yay!

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