Still Breathing

I'm having a few days where nothing seems to be going right. I'm super stressed, I have far too much work due, and I'm not sleeping enough. Sunday night was an almost-all-nighter, I slept from 4:30-6:30, got up and worked on the essay again. I have another 10 page due tomorrow, which will be written in the wee hours of tonight. I was so planning on getting a solid 8 hours tonight, I went to bed at 11:30 like a good girl, which is hard since I live in res where there are lots of things to distract me. Sigh. However, I was woken up at 4:30 by obnoxious people in the quad who were talking VERY loudly, completely oblivious of the havoc they have wrecked on me. BAH! Instead of starting my essay, which would have been the intelligent thing, I have been reading the archives of the Knitting Philistine, which is very fun. I just found her blog last night, though I can't remember how for the life of me how.

The lucky thing is that after this last essay all I have to do is a studio project, which is so much less stressful, it's even fun. I look forward to 36 hours from now when I can finally breathe. And knit. All I want to do tomorrow night is knit. I am excited.

Mostly this is because the body of Thermal is finally about to get interesting. I have been knitting a shapeless tube for the past 13 inches, and have two more to go. I decided to lengthen the body because this thing has to stretch a lot to get over me, which means that it shortens like crazy. Plus I like my sweaters a little longer. I am almost there! I am probably about half way through my third ball, I will definitely need to start a fourth at some point, but I don't think that I'll use it all on the body. I would post a picture, but it looks exactly as it does the last time I posted, just longer. Hopefully something more interesting soon!

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Not An Artist said...

Keep on breathing... I completely sympathize. I guess there is something about this time of year, even after you graduate from school; everything just gets hectic around now!