Cold Hands, Warm Heart

Sometimes everything with knitting just comes together. I saw Kate of Kelbourne Woolens knit this sweater a couple of years ago and loved the sweater, but she only released the pattern this month in latest Vogue Holiday edition. As soon as I found out it was being released I started thinking of yarn options.

And I thought of the perfect combination! Nordique, from Veronik Avery's new St. Denis yarn. I knit a little dude from the accompanying magazine a few weeks ago, and I really like it. Denny and Amy helped me pick out a pale blue for the main colour, and then light grey, white and a dark blue for the yoke. The yarn isn't the softest, it's pretty sheepy, but very nice. I think it will soften up a lot in the wash. I whiped up the first sleeve in class on Thursday, and I'm almost halfway through the second. At this rate I might have another sweater for Rhinebeck next weekend!

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Mary deB said...

Hey, I didn't get my VK yet! Something to look forward to in the mail next week!