It's a Beautiful Day (in the neighbourhood?)

On Thursday I finally finished all my school stuff for this term, and the weather has taken a turn for the better, it's like everything finally decided to stop sucking so much. I still have two more half credit classes before I can graduate, but I'm going to hopefully do those downtown at U of T. I'm so sick of spending all my time on transit to get to school. First year geography anyone?!

Not having school means that I have a huge surplus of time, which means knitting time. As soon as I finished my last essay I grabbed my Oceanside Stockings to knit in class on Thursday. They were started in California, but I tried them on a few weeks ago and realized that they are way too small. So I ripped them out on the subway and went up to a 2.5mm, which is the recommended needle size anyway. I thought I would be smart and do it on a 2.25, which is what I usually do my socks on. No dice, so I had to restart. These are looking much better, but I might still put in an extra repeat or two. I changed the top to a rib, and I even put in an eyelet row so that I can run a ribbon through them.

And I've decided that I'm going to start Shetland Shorty with this yarn I got off e-bay ages ago. Pretty! But the cast on might kill me. 280 stitches?!

With increased time also comes increased working, which means increased shopping! I have been looking for a pair of short cowboy boots to wear with all my skirts and dresses for ages. There are a whole bunch of vintage places in Kensington that have them on a rotating basis, so I always go in and check to see if they have any in my size. The problem is that they are always mens sized, or a 5.5. Neither of which I fit. Today was my lucky day, because I finally found a pair that were a 7.5! And I love the tassels.

I love summer...

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