Legwarmers of love!

So my latest obsession has been legwarmers. I wear skirts all the time, so it does make sense. I have these, plus a plain purple pair on the needles at them moment. These are the pattern from the Spring Interweave that is an exerpt from Knit So Fine, called Travelling Stitch Legwarmers. They are seriously addictive. Just one more row to see how this cable goes. Just one more row for the increases/decreases. I'm using Dream In Colour in Some Summer Sky, which is of course, fabulous.

However, I've knit a bit past this point, and the pattern is no longer fabulous. Bleck. It's gone all kinds of wrong. Somewhere along the road my side cables for the back got knocked a row off, and they in no way match the front, and never will, since I don't thing the pattern matches the front. Which is, you know, a problem. I don't mind so much about the front matching the back, but more about both backs matching each other. I may have to start the other one, just so that I can be sure of the funkyness being the same.

Oh, and if you knit this pattern, there are two mistakes in the Hauser Model chart. The middle cable of the first row should be two knits crossing each other, and the left cross on the third row should be right over left, instead of left over right. I like my cables to weave.

Oh, and trip home was awesome. I saw almost everyone, went to the Green Room for (too many) beers, Lettuce Knit, Romni's, MacFab, Future's, Mel's, and Goin' Steady at the Boat. I've also decided to go back to Toronto at the beginning of August, instead of the middle of it. It's only a few weeks different, but it will let me get an apartment for August 1st, which will be easier with school and such. Excitement!

I also should be studying for the exam I have this afternoon. Ha! I laugh in the face of ... Okay, never mind. I'll go.

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Not An Artist said...

Very cute legwarmers... hmmmm.... you are giving me ideas. Funny, I don't remember seeing them in the spring issue at all. I'll have to dig mine up and have another look!

Good to see you last week when you were in town :D