Liverpool: Day 2

On my first morning, after a good night's sleep and some very sore feet, I set out to the city library to check my email. The library is near an art gallery and a museum, however, I didn't visit either of them.

The buildings in the area are all very grand old things. They fit the part for a museum, but were a bit unexpected for a library.

I then wandered back downtown, to see what sort of shopping could be done on the very large main street in Liverpool. The verdict was .... nothing I couldn't get anywhere else. It's a little sad, but true. If you lived in and around Liverpool you'd be set, all the chain stores on one street. I mean Swansea only has half the stores that Liverpool does, so clearly that's good. However, there just wasn't anything really unique, something to say "I got this in Liverpool". So, I didn't buy anything.

On a side street, off the main shopping street is the club district. That's where the Cavern Club, where I had been the night before is. There is also The Grapes Pub, where the Beatles would drink before and after gigs. Apparently their chosen spot to sit was right by the ladies toilets, so that they could peek in and see the girls getting ready to go out after work. Cheeky.

The Cavern is just down the street, with the club on one side and the pub on the other. The original entrance is made to look just as it was, including a photo of the old bouncer from the Beatles era.

The current club entrance is just down the street.

The Cavern has created a very cool memorial to it's rock history on the brick wall outside. Each brick features the name of a band that played there in the past. I took this picture, of Jimi Hendrix, just for Andrea. Some day we'll go see it in person together.

Another pretty cool thing I saw in Liverpool was this old church. From the front, it looked pretty standard, and I wondered if I would be able to take a look inside.

The answer was no in the end, and for a very good reason.

This church has no roof to it's name. I'm not sure why, probably bombed out during WW2, or maybe a fire? Who knows. Instead it sits there, looking pretty but with no one to stand within it's walls to give it much of a sense of purpose. Even the clock on the tower was wrong, or rather, was only right twice a day for a minute, since the thing had completely stopped working.

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