combat baby

Today I saw Metric, one of my favorite bands ever. And it was free. The university has a band night every year and this year Metric headlined. Last year it was K-os, but I didn't make it out to that. It was so fecking amazing, you wouldn't believe it. I had so much fun! I danced on the edges for a while, and then my friend and I went into the middle. We got pretty trampled. She was forced down at one point, which wasn't so cool, so she left. I stayed on and luckily got a helping hand from some random guys who grabbed my arms everytime the mosh came by to stop me from being completely bowled over. I had to leave after one of the frosh on my floor got accidentally punched in the face and the stomach, but she was okay in the end. Altogether it was a sweaty mess, but it was spectacular. They played all their best songs and everyone just rocked out. I've decided I need to add straps to my little ballet flats because they kept slipping off, but that's just an excuse to go to Mokuba... woot!

I got in an argument with my friend Peter, who said that The Postal Service sounds like Dashboard Confessional, then realised he meant Death Cab for Cutie. Which was horrifying enough, but then he said they were just another winey emo band. I may have to ignore him for a while. The Postal Service are not winey.

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